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Courtney Piscine

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

The title says it all.  I'm heading there soon and wouldn't mind a few suggestions.  Thanks!

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Sun City, California, US

Everybody will bug the crap out of you - "have you been to the peak yet?"

"Welcome to Hong Kong - have you been to the peak yet?"

"Your table with be ready in a moment - have you been to the peak yet?"

"This suit can be picked up in a few hours - after you get back from the peak"

So - If the weather is clear -

Go to the Peak -

It really is a "bucket list" sort of view.  And the railway to get there is a hoot.

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Body Painter


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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

enjoy the dim sum.

take the ferry to macau.

shopping at ladies' street and temple street markets.

have a little asian lady walk on your back.

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