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Ben Hinman

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Westwood, California, US

Ok, so i'm seeing a lot more of publications with their "Cyber Girl" contests, which usually take the form of online contests where viewers can browse a web page and vote for "cyber girl of the month". Perhaps i'm a bit print-elitist, but even for a company as prestigious as playboy i don't think cyber girl of the month is anywhere near as impressive as an actual cover, and in general i view web tearsheets as a lower value than print.

Do you take these kinds of things less seriously? Do you believe web will ever reach where the rest of the industry is? Why or why not?

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American Glamour

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Detroit, Michigan, US

At some point, print will be the exception and some kind of electronic publication will be the rule.  Each publication should be viewed on its own merits.  I wouldn't "poo-poo" something just because it wasn't hard copy.

A publication can be bad or good, hard copy or not.

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Thomas Sellberg

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Bloomington, Illinois, US

I would have to agree with you for the most part. However as our world movies away from print to the web we will have to accept digital publications as a more creditable establishment than we have in the past. I feel that the web will never totally replace print publications at least not in my life time because there are too many of us that would rather have a magazine, ... in our hands instead of an ipad with a subscription to the same magazine,...

Just my view.


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Sabryna S

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Quakertown, Pennsylvania, US

Even though I've entered a contest and won a "Feature" in an online magazine (similar to MagCloud/Magcloud(?) only it's "Issu" or something like that), I still agree that I think an actual print magazine is still more impressive than a web feature, or winning some online contest, usually.
There's always Facebook contests where you can be "cover girl of the month", and by cover they really mean cover photo, on Facebook. Not an actual cover of a magazine.
If I were to ever win something like that, I might make it a milestone on my fan page, but I wouldn't list it as a credit on my MM page.
I've been "model of the month" on a Facebook fan page, and again, I wrote it as a milestone on my fan page, but I won't list it as a credit on MM, because I don't think it really counts that much for anything.
I don't think winning Facebook competitions will ever take over being in an actual magazine, but I can see more "official" online contests and digital magazines "mattering" more in the near future.

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Ben Hinman

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Westwood, California, US

'Facebook models' are not models...

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