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Derek PM

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Hopkinton, Massachusetts, US

Hey guys, my name is Derek.  I just started an account for my photography, which in the last year or so has evolved from a passion to a potential career (on a small scale at first, of course).  I only put up a few pictures because I didn't have my previous models' permission to use their photos on the internet.  I put a few different types of compositions up to show some variety in style.  I'm really excited to do more work with people of different looks and styles and I can't wait to do more fantasy and goth related shoots in particular.  I'm completely open to peoples' questions, comments, suggestions, and requests so feel free to visit my page and PM me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little speech!

Jan 28 13 10:06 pm Link


Cody Augustine

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Vancouver, Washington, US

Welcome aboard and to the Mayhem!

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Caveman Creations

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Fort Worth, Texas, US

Welcome to the Mayhem!

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allison mindy

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Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Welcome smile

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