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Konnie A Stav

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JBerman Photography

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when i shoot TF, the model and I sign an agreement. one of the details in the agreement is delivery of photo/s. (date & delivery method)
it is important to discuss details prior to shooting and have an agreement signed so that both parties are on the same page.

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Farenell Photography

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Konnie A Stavrinou wrote:
Hey I am new to MM.
I went to one photographer which took 10 days to send the photos to me via email.

However, the second photographer I have recently been to is not replying to my messages whereby I had asked how long he would be in terms of sending me the images.

How long is the average wait? Thanks

What did the 2nd photographer tell you how long they thought it MIGHT be either prior to shooting or the day you shot?

10 days seems awfully fast (I usually quote people 30 days just in case I need it & rarely upload them to my computer during the 1st week) but I know some people do it the day after & sh** like that.

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Drew Smith Photography

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It depends with whom you shoot. Even if you have agreed a deadline or signed a Release Form stating when you'll get the images, you may not get them by then or at all in some cases.

Personally I start delivering (via email) processed images within 48hrs of the shoot finishing. usually every shot I intend to release has been sent within 7-10 days. That can be as many as 10-15 images or as few as 3-5, depending on the shoot.

The trick is to check references well in advance and contact as many models as possible and ask that specific question. Don't be in a rush to shoot TF, take your time, check that everything adds up and be selective.

BTW there are literally thousands of threads on MM about this subject.

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Abbitt Photography

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My suggestion is to talk about the deliver time frame prior to agreeing to shoot.

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Toto Photo

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If you really want to know the average, do a search on this topic as there have been many threads, then do the math.

I usually take 2-4 weeks.

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