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MCD Imagery

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Dorchester, England, United Kingdom

9 new shots, from shoot with a friend yesterday, would like to hear suggestions on how I can improve my work, thanks.

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I would try to keep all of the models fingers in the composition
Exposure, I do not see much detail in models hair
Pose arch the back, position models left arm behind her more to help fill void in photograph bottom right corner
Photoshop out fly away hair
Instead of the white bungee ties in hair, think brown ones would be less distracting
Boots make sure they are polished toes are scuffed
Floor has dirt in front of models left hand
Give toe more breathing room too close to photo border
Pose, less neck bend, move left elbow to photo right to help build a better foundation for model, think pyramid
Think if nose were pointed more toward camera would work better
Less space to photo right of model, could just crop in more
Eyes do not appear to be in sharp focus
Think this would be better if models right eye were not cut off
Need more detail in hair
Less head tilt
Shadow of nose is to long as it is touching models lip
Need more light in models right eye
This has great detail in models hair
Of the photos like this the most, real connection with model

Jan 31 13 05:59 am Link