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John Jacobs junior

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Marlton, New Jersey, US

Hey guys, happy to be on board. Looking to build up a portfolio and get my modeling career started! Any help would be great. thanks!

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Thomas Van Dyke

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Washington, District of Columbia, US

Welcome to the Mayhem Jeffery...

all the best on your journey...

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Clothing Designer


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Glendale, California, US

Hi ,
I am new , nice to meet you all!
Would love to do experimental street style photos with a photographer, for exchange for some pictures.
CHeck Out some of the previous photos at my site.

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Nikki Magnusson

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Welcome to MM !!..

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Tempe, Arizona, US


Welcome to MM!

I wish you the Best of Success in all of your future endeavors out here!

Kindest regards,

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Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom

Welcome to MM

You say you want agency work, although i worry your height just wont cut it, most male agency models are tall, and i mean tall, but you are the same height as me, put me in heels and i will dwarf you.

You need to be taller than those female agency models out there especially when they put heels on.

you need to shoot a lot and understand your own abilities before even considering thinking of agencies so you might want to take that off your profile for now just until you are more established and people are booking you left right and centre.

Hope this helps

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