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Jess Cantell

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Exeter, England, United Kingdom

I just wanted to ask how you makeup artists clean your products?
At the moment I'm scraping the makeup out onto a pallete, but surely there is a ln easier more product saving way of avoiding cross contamination?

Is there a particular anti bacteria cleaner you could use to wipe over eyeshadows etc?

Please understand that I am new to this and am just learning so sorry if this is a silly question



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Thomas Van Dyke

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Washington, District of Columbia, US

Jess Cantell wrote:
I just wanted to ask how you makeup artists clean your products?


Sanitation is a major issue in make-up artistry...
Rather than a forum I would recommend an authoritative textbook which deals with UK regs on the aforementioned...

You truly need to understand not only the how but also the why...
i.e. what pathogens are you dealing with and how best to formulate a workflow that assures your clients aren't placed in harms way...

That said, I clean brushes with Parian Spirit which disinfects amongst other things...

Yes scraping product onto a palette is standard procedure...
I use a stainless steel tool to do this... and my palette is stainless steel also...

Alcohol is an oft used disinfectant for lip pencils, lash curlers, etc... 70% isopropyl alcohol is the most cost effective way... 

As far as eye shadow cake product, there are commercial sprays albeit 90% isopropyl drys quickly enough so as not to harm the cake... 70% is not so good here...   

I use Barbicide for my hair tools i.e. comb, brushes etc....

but rather than reinvent the wheel... 
Please simply review this thread... it is a fountainhead of knowledge on the subject...

Albeit this is no substitute for an authoritative reference (which is current) that is appropriate and germane to the criteria required in your jurisdiction in the UK...

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Makeup Artist

Dai Kitty MUA

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Miami, Florida, US

Jess Cantell wrote:
Is there a particular anti bacteria cleaner you could use to wipe over eyeshadows etc?

This changed everything for me. It cleans all my powders and eyeshadow without damaging any of it.

I hope that helps!

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Makeup Artist

Cynna Stylz MUA

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New York, New York, US

91% Alcohol from Tar`get.

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Body Painter

Lisa Berczel

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Corona, California, US

Thomas posted a great thread...

And KJB has a great recipe for brush cleaner.

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Makeup Artist


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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

I dont understand how some MUAs can not be sanitary. I use a palette to mix things (not the back of my hand) I use that palette for HD blushes, lipsticks, concealer, foundation, etc. I wipe that palette of with a makeup wipe, spray it down with 91% alcohol and wash it when i get home with hot soap and water. I depoted my lipsticks since I find it is easier to just scrape some out instead of always wiping down the lipstick from the tube and it saves space. I stored mine in a small 14 day pill container. Pencils I spray down with 91% alcohol after each use and resharpen to remove anything left over. My eyeshadow, blush, concealer palettes I spray with 91% alcohol after each use as well. I use baby shampoo for my brushes. And I think that's about it.

I also use disposable mascara wands, lipgloss brushes, and sponges. I always have a rag for my dirty brushes as well. I lay them on there and spot clean them at shoots as I go or after each client. But I try to have enough brushes for each person so I wont have to do that, as it takes time.

I would suggest you get the 91% alcohol. Its cheap, easily accessible and it works!

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