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Miss Tori Marie

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Kaneohe, Hawaii, US

I do my own hair and make up... What do you think?

Jan 31 13 07:12 pm Link



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New York, New York, US

dark eye liner makes your eyes look smaller and recessed

Feb 01 13 10:48 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Flawless Faces Studio

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Troy, Michigan, US

Hair looks nice, I think if you worked with a MUA they could find a technique to highlight your features much better though.

Feb 04 13 04:03 pm Link


Shy L

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Burlington, Vermont, US

Are you doing anything to your brows?  The eyes I think are okay, they just look the same in all, and maybe a bit heavy handed.  But what really stands out is that they are so much darker than your eyebrows. If you are already using something on your eyebrows, then I would tone the liner way down so that it "goes with" the brows.

Feb 04 13 05:20 pm Link