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Well my images finally appeared in the January 2013 Issue of ART IN AMERICA! There was very little information about the shoot and none of the llama or the crew (not even the photographer) got credit. It is a six-page spread, a group shot of about half a dozen llamas (some semi nude) portraying different holiday characters (Santa, Easter Bunny or in my case, Birthday Clown), but due to size limitations, I'm only able to post close-up crops of my own "work" here in my port.  I have single-page higher-rez images and the entire image as it was envisioned by Kathryn Andrews, the artist if anyone is interested-contact me directly and I'll send them to you The magazine should be found at your local Barnes and Nobel and your local library.

Please feel free to share these and as always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this stuff!

Now I want to find equally creative people to shoot with!

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Well, congrats!

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Congratulations big_smile

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