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Solstice Retouch

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Hello everyone!

This forum continuously provides an amazing wealth of information and it is one forum I still like to recommend people to read should they ask me questions on certain things.

There are a lot of threads that have great information but also fade away and seem to get lost. I wanted to potentially make a "Best Of" thread.

If you come across posts that were extremely helpful to you and you know would be very beneficial to many, post it here. We could begin a collection of some of the best material here for people to look through.

You could either post a link to the entire topic, if the whole topic was useful to you...


You can post a link directly to the post itself if that contained all the necessary information and if the rest of the topic was not necessary.

Along with the link, be sure to title it (either by using the title of the thread, or a title that more accuractely suits the information) and a brief description of what the link contains.

This should allow for easy reading for anyone browsing for material.

I'll start with one that I felt was quite revolutionary to me.

Title: High Pass Sucks (+solution)
Author: Sean Baker
Description: "Separation of spatial frequency data has a number of applications in image editing.  Whether for the oft-suggested "High Pass Sharpening", to recover detail lost in an OOF / moving image, or to enhance local contrast throughout the image, the accurate separation of frequency data is relevant for anyone who is a stickler for image quality."

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Good idea!

***Here the Model Mayhem official list*** … 856&page=1

Link: … st17626143
Title: How to choose a good monitor
Author: Pictus
Description: "Tips on what to look when choosing a monitor and a bit extra information."

Link: … st17806610
Title: Monitor calibration with Argyll+dispcalGUI
Author: Pictus
Description: "Argyll+dispcalGUI are the best and also free software to calibrate a non professional grade monitor(the ones without a programmable hardware internal LUT), the result is better than what you get from Datacolor/X-rite or other expensive third party solutions, it gives better color and neutrals with less or none color cast, if the hardware is capable."

Link: … st17444951
Title: Soft proofing - Color Spaces and alike information.
Author: Pictus
Description: "Lots of good information about soft proofing in Photoshop and Lightroom, color spaces, calibration devices and darkroom illumination"

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Mateusz Musielak

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This one is a must-post !

The title says all

Title: Let's Talk About Carving
Author: Ronald Nyein Zaw Tan
Description: "If you're a serious retouching, you'll know what "carving" is. If you're an experienced retoucher, do you have additional tips and tricks to how to carve?"


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