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Cole Morrison

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Portland, Oregon, US … 1_1280.jpg 18+ version

I was in my first small gallery showing last night for First Friday and it was an exciting experience!
The poses were based off of the sculptural expression of the French artist Auguste Rodin (1840 - 1917). I am the first four images from the top left, I did The Thinker, La Danaïde, I don’t remember the name of the third sculpture, and La Danaïde again in a different pose variation. smile

I'd like to see photos you have from your work in galleries. smile This is a place for you to brag and me to compliment you.

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Jorge Kreimer

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Cole Morrison

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Portland, Oregon, US

Jorge Kreimer wrote:


Ooooooh how exciting! Congrats smile

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I so love your art nudes, they are really beautiful, and congratulations on having them chosen for a gallery display.

Here are three of many that I modelled for which have been in gallery displays, and I have also modelled many times for groups of artists in galleries during scheduled drawing and painting sessions. I wish I had some good photos of those sessions.

The most recent photo that I modelled for that ended up in an art gallery display was this one done two years ago by MM member Lindee Robinson:  18+

A snapshot of me standing in an art gallery next to a painting of me:  18+

And one of my favorites, another painting I modelled for:

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