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My name is Shane. I am currently taking an Ancient Greek history class and I have to do a final project. I figure since I can draw a little that I would do a recreation of Helen of Troy, Aphrodite, or The Three Graces. I am looking for some type of reference pictures. I not having any luck in finding what I'm looking for in my search anywhere on the web. I not really looking for all nude, more in the lines of implied which I like better.

I don't have the experience or time to do some type of shot since my work is more of a hobby. All I could offer would be a copy of what the final image would be. So was wondering if anyone would happen to have some type of shoot in their port. of offer an idea or point me to someone that does. Thank you very much for your time.


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You should try posting a casting call. I think you'd have a greater chance of success with that.

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I found a ton of images in Google Images for "Helen of Troy" and "Aphrodite"

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I looked at the first Aphrodite image that came to mind, the one of her on the seashell.

I remembered her covering herself and didn't see that she didn't entirely, till I enlarged the thumbnail.

You could maybe modify and not replicate completely by covering both nipples instead of just one?

Might still be nuder than you want (nuder is now a word, but I bet someone must have used it before)

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