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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Until 1st March 2013, Aveda Institute Canada is giving away four (4) FREE scholarships worth approx $10K each to four different schools, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Vancouver. Check out

Fundamentally its a video competition - applicants make videos to get noticed and then five finalists perform live in front of judges. They need beautiful heads of hair - lots of them

They must do several quick hair styles in front of judges who are local celerity stylists, fashion bloggers and photographers. Its great exposure and free training - basically if you win the event you're well on your way to becoming a world class hair stylist.

Local 'hair models' are asked to volunteer - direct message on the Twitter account for the city in which you reside, and like Facebook - get on your local channels to follow along. I hope this thread doesn't get clipped because there really is a great opportunity for everyone in your niche, in Canada's four largest cities, (excluding Montreal - srry).

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