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Kaja Curtis

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Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

I am new to MM and only have a few photos posted so far. Have a look, what do you think.
Thanks for your time. smile

Feb 06 13 02:39 am Link



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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

To start off I can honestly say that I like your work, here are a few suggestions
Point nose toward camera to center eyes
Move away from background so it is a blur, or open up your lens
Move hands toward center of stomach so wrists are less wrinkled
Cropping, less space above head
Rim light or backlight so models form can be seen
Have eyes look more toward where nose is pointed
Lower shoulder toward camera
Least favorite image in portfolio
Think I would suggest cropping tighter at top of head to eliminate the “V” from where she parted her hair
[Halfway between top of photo and where hair ends on forehead]
Not my cup of tea
Would love to see both of her hands

Feb 06 13 07:58 am Link


The Gross Bite

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Lansing, Michigan, US

I agree with the previous post. This image should go...

It does not flatter the model, and the finger to mouth is objectionable as
it carries a lot of sexual baggage.

Just my opinion.

Feb 06 13 02:23 pm Link