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Bailey Elizabeth Photo

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Austin, Texas, US

Hey guys, I'm offering up my model mayhem portfolio for a critique. I'd really like to hear some constructive criticism & see what other photographers think about my work.

I am a photo student & I do these shoots in my spare time. I am looking for lighting, model positioning, composition & retouching feedback plus whatever else you guys see that needs to be addressed.

Also, please let me know what images appeal to you the most & which images I should remove. smile


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Houston, Texas, US

Hi, Bailey --

It looks to me like your eye for composition is good, your lighting skills are good, and your ability to find people willing to be the subject of the scrutiny of your lens is good. I'm not going to go through each image with comments.

It's not exactly clear from your MM profile what's next in your life. But if you plan to make photography at least part of what earns you a living, you might consider putting together a group of images that people who buy photography for commercial reasons would like.

In other words, if you are going to be an artist, carry on with what you're doing. But if you plan to try to make a living with photography, expand your work and profile to show potential clients that you can do the kind of work they need to promote their products and businesses in addition to the art you now produce.

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