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Magda Kulpinska

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Paris, Île-de-France, France


this is not about showing off.

It's more about encouraging each one of you out there who think dreams are useless because they never come true.

Almost exactly ten years ago, when modeling was still but a dream, I was contemplating every day for about a week that I would love to be Karl Lagerfeld's muse one day.

Many moons later, having gone through the sporadic ups and painful downs of this crazy business, I get a call from my agency whether I'd be free and interested etc etc to be a silhouette for a short movie for Chanel.

(Please note that at this point, my interest has gone towards music and I dream of singing in the big opera houses one day. And modeling kind of allows me to make a living and have spare time for school.)

I accepted, despite the awful working hours and knowing I'll probably sit around waiting most of the time. Then I realised - ACTUALLY, this is some part of a biiig dream coming true right here and right now. I'm not a top-model, sure. But wow, look at the bigger picture!! Years ago: little Polish girl sits in god-forgotten town somewhere in the middle of nowhere, having this goal. And years later, when she really couldn't care less a part of it becomes reality.

Something to think about, next time you feel everything's going wrong!! Look at what you HAVE achieved, where you started and don't forget that sometimes it takes a looong time for things to become reality! And it comes mostly when we already moved on to something else....

May your dreams come true, too!

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Paige Morgan

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Well congratulations are in order that you got to accomplish one of your dreams. Here's hoping it is the first of many smile

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Magda Kulpinska

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Paris, Île-de-France, France

thanks!! I want to encourage everyone to hold on to their dreams and not think you're a failure if they didn't come true immediately!

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Congrats, your look is fantastic!

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Supermodel Photographer

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Magda Kulpinska wrote:
... years later, when she really couldn't care less a part of it becomes reality.

It's a shame that it wasn't realized while she still cared.

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Melodye Joy

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The most unexpected dreams come true when you least expect it. Believe me...keep on keepin on because I have seen so many drop out, stop modeling/acting because they didn't hit it off right away.

You are one of the living proofs that is CAN and WILL happen when it NEEDS to (no always when you want it to).

Congrats and many successes to come!

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Im very happy for you!   and btw, excellant "nudity clarification" in your profile

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Faces2Die4 Photography

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Congrats Magda! (and yes, it's ok to show off)

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Rosemarie Bennet

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That's wonderful!

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LittleWhiteRabbit Photo

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Wow, so wonderful for you.  Guess it pays to make a list of projects you want to do!

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Angel ONeill

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Oh my goodness congratulations to you! You look gorgeous I love the colour of your hair.

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Darren Brade

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London, England, United Kingdom

Congrats and thanks for sharing. I hope you'll post a link if it becomes available online at some point, I'd love to see it.

Darren x

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angel emily

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Supermodel Photographer wrote:
It's a shame that it wasn't realized while she still cared.

OP, congrats and best wishes to you. smile

As a side note - this isn't the first time I've heard this notion from a model who has the stats and look for a viable mainstream career in modeling.    I kinda wish I had the stats and felt non-chalant about it, as if it was just another job so I could understand it better.  It's interesting, and something I wish I could study more.

It seems having the look as well as the ambition is a rare thing.  Many have the ambition, but not the look.  A few very successful models have the look but not the ambition or passion.

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Clothing Designer

Wilde Hunt Corsetry

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Wonderful! It's nice to hear about people achieving their dreams! And don't forget, it's ok to be proud of your accomplishments! smile

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Zack Zoll

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Wow, congrats!  Did you get to meet him?  Is he as much of a weirdo as he seems?

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Yves Duchamp - Femme

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Zack Zoll wrote:
Wow, congrats!  Did you get to meet him?  Is he as much of a weirdo as he seems?

YES! That's what I was going to ask, too! Did he have an assistant carrying his cat and his diet coke? Did he fire anyone? Did he call anyone fat? PLEASE. GIVE. DETAILS!

Congratulations, btw!!!

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Amul La La

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Go you, Amazing!

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Yan Tan Tethera

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Bien fait.

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Your post is inspirational.  Congrats and Thank you for writing it!

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smile cool

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Congrats smile

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Rakesh Malik

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Congratulations! smile

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Cynna Stylz MUA

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They say hind sight is 20/20. But your dreams and visions of yourself are always in front of you with or without rose colored glasses. On a daily basis reaching our dreams may seem boring but some avoid opportunities because its not going to make us famous in an instant.   Basically, Keep your eyes open and make things happen. Congrats to you....boast all you want then make bigger dreams.

All the best,


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