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Ben Hinman

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So i just found out about autodesk 123D, which is apparently a free set of web apps by autodesk for those who don't want to spend thousands of dollars on software. What these programs do is INSANE considering the price and platform!!! I'm freaking out dude.

123D catch apparently uses a unique projection mapping algorithm that takes a bunch of photos from different angles and uses points of reference to actually create a 3d model from 2d pictures!!! I've never seen anything like it, especially not in a web app. 123D sculpt looks curiously like sculptris, only with web app and ipad support AND added projection map texturing, so you can pretty much just brush on pictures with your finger.

FINALLLY we have mobile 3D! autodesk blew my mind with this stuff.

take a look: … IuRnaym_hQ

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