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Sky Simone

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Hey guys,
I've had trouble finding tutorials on this style of editing … 568kdu.jpg

You see how the work of both these digital artists, the skin is clearly airbrushed, but maintains detail.. (a lot of blur tools and smooth brushes remove the finer details)

Also the texture is incredibly detailed of hair, and overall you know what I'm asking.

Which photoshop tools are used for these edit styles?
If I know what sort of tutes to look for, I can start learnin smile thanks

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C Benjamin Design

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just my two cents, but good models help for one.  I have had the best results with using the spot healing brush to remove blemishes, stretch marks, and the like.  then creating a second layer of the photo, using a surface blur, layer mask, then paint in the blur on the skin, drop the opacity to around 40-50, depending on how her/his skin is. and making adjustments from there.  it allows for the texture of the skin to show through, then you just have to clean up the back image.

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Dodge and burn will result in the best results(a lot of work). Frequency Separation does well not as time consuming. I would recommend against any blur techniques

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Velvet Paper Photo

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Dodge & burn.

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