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Zave Smith Photography

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

From this mornings Alt Pick Blog:  From This Mornings AltPick Blog: … art-jokes/

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Brooks Ayola

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Oh, I missed this! That's awesome, Zave. Although my future subject this Saturday will be much less challenging, I was left with a similar feeling after I hung up the phone yesterday...

So, the subject is from Colombia (sister of a well known celeb), she'll show up by herself, with her own wardrobe and makeup and hair done even though she knows I will have a hair and makeup artist here... Bikini and Colombian flag will be dropped off on Friday. We need eight different shots. For the cover of a popular Colombian magazine. No art director will be here. Alrighty then. It's going to be either the worst, or best job ever. :-)

I love the shots you did. They really bring out the best in those subjects.

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I'm going to now pack a whoopie cushion in my gear bag.

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