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Eye of Sicari

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Paolo Diavolo wrote:
I don't see why a 'popularity contest' would be a problem.
If everyone wants a certain member to travel, then why not?
Eventually that member would not be avail all the time.

So anyways, who is in?
Before I make a resource thread I want to know this idea won't flop.

Admittedly, a lot of it is self-concern.  To keep it as compact as possible, if you no other option but travel to work with some of these awesome folk, and you're not a well-known character, you may find yourself S.O.L.

Aside from that, I'm in.

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< ------ Has Guest room

(if you don't mind being accosted by cats)

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Jay Pegg

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Heather LeStabbityDeath wrote:

Same in Des Moines, though I'm more of a stopover

Also, I travel to KCMO for the right MMers. big_smile

See you soon then. We only have 18" of snow on the ground at the moment...

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