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MUA Amanda Fairweather

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Lake Charles, Louisiana, US

Has anyone tried shany cosmetics out yet?

Feb 13 13 01:55 pm Link

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Lauren Reynolds Makeup

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London, England, United Kingdom

...They look to be the same repackaged made in China crap as BH/Coastal Scents etc etc... I wouldn't bother. Look at Yaby if you want some great palettes with lots of colours.

Some invaluable advice from KJB.

Feb 13 13 02:59 pm Link

Makeup Artist

Yvette Felipe

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Huntington Beach, California, US

I bought Shany cosmetics and well, not very pigmented. I have to work at it to get its true color to stand out. I agree, get Yaby. Yaby by far has great pigmentation.

Feb 13 13 06:46 pm Link

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LC Makeup and Styling

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Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Ben Nye are highly pigmented too :-)

Feb 13 13 09:39 pm Link

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Ms Samantha Marie

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San Francisco, California, US

I've tried the brand but I haven't actually used them in anything. It's pretty much like generic packaging. I get their nail stuff for personal use though. smile

Feb 17 13 01:37 am Link

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Sal W Hanna Designs

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Huntington Beach, California, US

I've had the opportunity to use them. Their eye shadows last a good amount of time for the 2013 product line. They are inexpensive and yes China made, but keep in mind they are made by the same plant that does a good amount of big name cosmetic companies.

Feb 17 13 01:41 am Link