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This is a shot that I found to be my best thus far. I have added some new equipment and am now taking some classes in both photography and editing. I would like your opinions on this particular shot.


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Moving in the right direction!

It may be due to sizing issues, but the focus does not appear as crisp as it could/should be. As a rule, make sure the model's eyes are in-focus. If depth of field issues arise requiring you to pick which eye to focus on, make it the eye closest to the camera.

Her right elbow is pointing almost directly at the camera. General rule of thumb that I've found useful - if you notice the model's elbow is pointing at you, have her arch her back more and open her chest somewhat to the lens - this also helps reduce the need to remind models of the dreaded "tummy in!" direction.

The shadow on the model's right cheek (left side of the photograph) is slightly open. (i.e. the shadow from the curve of her nose didn't quite make it over to the shadow on the outside of her face. With the lighting above and to the side of the model, once closed - the shadows produce a light tri-angle on the cheek. This is known as Rembrandt lighting. It's has a pleasing effect. Give it a try. (Obviously, it's not the only way to light a model - I just mention it because you were SOOoooo close)!

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the elbow and knee pointing towards the camera are very distracting.
and, the "gaze " towards the heavens just doesnt work. additionally, the draped red fabric looks very "posed".

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Beautifully Soft Focus

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I totally disagree. Your best work is with this model ... I like all of those images.  I personally would increase the contrast just a tad to more naturally present her skin tone.

If I were you I'd shoot her every change I got ... she has a killer look wink

Be easy,


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