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Kelly Ager MakeupArtist

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Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I want to know if you have any tips on bleach brow effect without actually bleaching the brows?

I have previously used a double ended mascara (white end, black end) and used the white end to coat the brows the used a mascara wand to brush through some cream foundation, this worked quite well, but wanted to know of any other methods.

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Body Painter

ArtsieFartsie Facepaint

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Chino Hills, California, US

no lie, ive seen MUAs smuge nude lipstick into the brows…
works quite well… big_smile

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Bloom Makeup Artistry

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New York, New York, US

I would check out your theatrical supply store. They have tons of stuff for temp dying facial hair at the one near me. I don't use it for my work so I don't know what the specific names are.

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Liza Mooney MUA

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Halifax, England, United Kingdom

I love to use a white cream eyeshadow, then use powder eyeshadow to colour them whatever shade I need.

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BRONX, New York, US

MAC Brow set in "Girl Boy" or concealer

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ADAK, Alaska, US

MAC Paint Pots

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Aaliyah I

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Stevenage, England, United Kingdom

I use concealer but this wouldn't be effective on very dark brows. For very dark brows I would bleach to a medium brown and use concealer from there.

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Emper Atrizz

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Ljubljana, Osrednjeslovenska, Slovenia

Real creations alcohol hair colors, skin ilustration hair colors are both great.  It is great to first neutralize the hair according to hair color and then highlight. A Dermacolor is also great for that.

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