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Greeneyed Goddess

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Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Just had a quick question about a body paint shoot I am doing soon.

Can I show up to be painted with my mineral makeup/concealer on or does my face need to be completely makeup free? My skin has some scars/discoloration (easily covered with makeup) and they want to start with shooting the behind-the-scenes while I am being painted. I want to make sure I look good in photos and I need my makeup on for that.


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Rob Harris

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Cairns, Queensland, Australia

The people you need to be asking are those you're going to be working with, particularly the mua/body paint artist. Let them know your situation and what products you intend using and they'll be able to give you a yes or no. They may be able to apply their own concealer prior to the b.t.s. shots being taken.

The shoot sounds like fun, good luck with it smile

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Makeup Artist

Jaime Criel Makeup

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New York, New York, US

While I understand your concern (I'm not one to feel comfortable going around without makeup), please don't show up for a shoot with makeup on, especially mineral makeup. It's terrible for photography. Unless you're comfortable with the makeup artist removing it at some point. In that case, make sure you tell the makeup artist beforehand because you will be adding extra work for him/her.

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Body Painter

Lisa Berczel

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Corona, California, US

Talk to the Makeup Artist and Photographer.

They should be able to arrange you get a "camera ready face" before the cameras start rolling.

I've done this and it works out fine.

The mineral makeup will have to come off before the shoot anyway....

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Greeneyed Goddess

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Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Thank you so much for your replies everyone! I really appreciate all the info. smile I will talk to the MUA/painter before the shoot. smile

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