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Xavier Dellaventi

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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Hi my dear friends,

Your best idea to retain the natural color/mood of the background and to correct the bottom ?

I tried :

Color Range
HUE then color range
Channels Add and Substract (but i'm not a specialist of that technic)

Thousand of thanks


HRZ picture 33Mo :

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Motordrive Photography

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Lodi, California, US

I'm a little confused, do you need to create the bottom?
That is different than fixing.

a small jpeg would suffice for demonstration, instead of giant tiff

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I'm not sure what you mean by "natural" for the background. If you mean keeping approximately the original hue, I would mask out the subjects and fill the background with a solid color (new layer, of course), then reproduce shadows using the mask on a another layer and add a darker gradient at the bottom.
Original image:

Given the warm tones of the clothing, I would go for a cooler background hue:

As for fixing the bottom, do you mean adding ankles and feet?? I wouldn't try that. If you absolutely must have a deeper image (for editorial reasons), you might try a cheap trick like adding smoke or fog at the bottom ...

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Xavier Dellaventi

Posts: 47

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Thank You Peano you've got always the perfect advice ! Cold Background / Warm clothes + Background creating using your process = Done.

Thanks both of you for your answers ! Regarding the smoke stuff its a good idea (really good) but i only provide this picture as a test among 20 others of this shoot ! The process of the plain color layer works great. And yes, sorry for the 33Mo file smile


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Always a joy to see Peano's solutions...they look so simple, done in a few seconds while in fact it is highend imho..

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