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Braşov, Braşov, Romania … uct-images

"In response to the boom in fashion e-commerce, Maurits Teunissen and Bartel Huibregtsen founded StyleShoots, to simplify one of the most important steps in the process - photographing products for online display."

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JM Dean

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Cary, North Carolina, US

Pretty cool. Wonder what the price tag on that setup is?

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Daniel Sulla

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Looks expensive and same result with a light table if you knock out background to white no need to outline or path. But then I am old school what do I know. I suppose anyone with say $40,000 extra bucks is now an expert. Still in the right setting a real time saver.

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Justin Foto

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Technically I strongly doubt that there is very much too this at all. A time saver? Yes quite probably and the setup is something that means anyone with a little training could use - but technically, while it looks cool, there's nothing there that isn't quite simple to do.

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Ruben Vasquez

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Seems like such an awfully expensive solution to such a narrow range of applications...

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Well, maybe for huge manufacturer or distributor, who don't search for artistic looks and results this solution would pay off. Like an addition to production line machinery.

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Stephen Roscoe

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If you've ever done product photography before, this is awesome!!

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George Thomson

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cool, time-saving... but what innovation ?

how is a difference mask innovation?
you barely need an action for this.

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