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    The Wicked party is an amalgamation of alternative music, art and culture; a place where intelligent monkey-mushrooms can shake some booty and converse with other intelligent monkey-mushrooms about the benefits of having opposable thumbs, and the higher minded purposes to which they can be put.

    We like stuff that’s positive and upbeat and fun, that has Wicked streak to it, that's sexy and new and edgy, that’s funky and cool and has some history, that defines new territory, that encourages vibrant self expression and exceeds the typical... without the limitations of genres, pigeonholes, trends, or lowest common denominators.

    Dance to the most diverse selection of beats you've heard anywhere, the very grooviest of grooves, mixed seamlessly, live and on the fly - enjoy an intelligent approach to partying, vibrant live art creation, and the company of interesting people doing interesting things, in a great environment with great sounding sound!

    Dress for a party - creative / clubby / fashionably casual - dress to express or to excess, but no athletic or work wear, no dirty sneakers, hoods or ball caps please, it’s not a sports bar!

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