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Armed robbers snatch $50m in uncut diamonds from Brussels airport.

Eight armed robbers disguised as police officers and brandishing machine guns have disappeared into thin air with diamonds worth £32 million after pulling off an audacious lightening raid at Brussels airport.

Belgian police are baffled after the robbery which took place with clockwork precision, military timing and apparent insider knowledge allowing the gang to target the delivery of a diamond consignment within an 11 minute time window.

The robbers wearing masks, hooded police cagoules and armed with machine guns equipped with laser sights, struck at 7.47pm local time on Monday night just before the aircraft they had targeted was cleared for take-off.

After cutting through a security perimeter fence, weakened by construction work, within several hundred feet of the Swiss Fokker 100 airliner, the robbers used two black vehicles, a Mercedes van and Audi A8 car, both equipped with blue flashing police lights to race across the airport tarmac.

Screeching to a halt alongside the Brinks van and the passenger jet, four heavily armed men poured out of each vehicle and held up the aircraft pilot, co-pilot and security guards.
The robbers then forced the doors of the cargo bay of the plane and took out about 120 packages containing mostly diamonds, which only represented a portion of a cargo thought to be worth over £60 million ($100m).

After loading the loot, the eight men, aware that security and police alarms had been triggered, quickly fled in their vehicles with flashing police beacons to throw any hot pursuit off their trail.
The robbers made off at high speed through the same gap in the security cordon they had opened in front of the aircraft on the runway.
The raid took place without a shot being fired and was so quick, around 180 seconds that passengers on board the plane "saw nothing" and the first they knew of the heist was when their flight was cancelled minutes later. … rport.html

i see a european themed shootemup in the future... probably starring this guy, and called "Brussels" smile

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Jason Statham is so freaking sexy! MMMMMM
*wipes drool off chin*
Anywho, I heard this on the radio this morning- insane

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