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We are back! We have found as our next location, The Acre, a rustic, one-acre urban sanctuary and gathering space in Orlando. Now is the opportunity to bring out your inner rustic and Southern gear and come up with some great ideas and get some shots that are unique in your portfolio (although I expect a lot of jean shorts). This is going to be a great day with llamas, photographers and general awesomeness. Just don't be afraid to get in front of the camera

We have kept the hours the same as last time. Seemed to be the perfect blend for llamas and photographers to meet up and shoot some great photos while also being able to hang out and talk.

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If you would like to reserve a spot email Jesse at [email protected]  You can purchase on the day from an organizer at the main pavilion but remember space is limited. 

Models are subject to change without notice, just have to put that caveat in here in case a llama has to cancel and we have to replace them.

VIP llama: Summers Rose

VIP llama: Amber Quinn

VIP llama: Claudia

VIP llama: Blair Quinn

More TBA

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We shall be posting the rules here as well as suggestions for photographers and llamas.  Basically don't do anything that will make us kick you out.

You can bring any lights you want that you have your own power for

No weapons or prop weapons, you can bring any other props though.  In the past we have had things as large as motorcycles. We love them.  Just remember that if you want them to be a part of the shoot to contact one of the organizers to be able to get them in.  T

First off, looking at the location, country casual and cute... white cotton summer dresses, jean shorts and plaid shirts.... look at the location and dress the part for Spring.  If you want to shoot then dress your best or most creative.  Make it fun, interesting and portfolio worthy.  Make it bikini, casual, formal, whatever you want.  We won't be shooting nudes or lingerie at this event.  Thong bikinis though are acceptable.

Bring some business cards with your photo and info on them to hand out to photographers so they can both remember who you are and contact you for later gigs.  Photographers are visual creatures, they will remember your face longer than your name.

Don't forget to bring your camera (and preferably a llama), your portfolio and your business cards.  Also as this is a beach shoot, remember your sunscreen and bug spray.

You Can Bring Lights.  You can bring any lights that you like or bounces or whatever so long as you know that we can't promise there will be enough outlets convenient to where you want to shoot. 

Always ask permission before shooting a llama at the event and don't shoot over the shoulder of another photographer without asking their permission as well.

There aren't specific event llamas for the meet and greet portion of the event (non VIP portion), so any pretty girl you see there is be shot only if she gives her permission, so ask nicely.  Also remember that there may be some pretty girls there who aren't part of the event.

This page will update periodically

For more information on who we are and what we have done before, click this blue underlined bit.


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