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I really feel for these (mostly) gals. It's tough enough wearing constraining clothes and funky shoes, but the walking just compounds it all.

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The Gross Bite

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100's of girls walk the runways without falling and nobody puts it on the news.

Yet one falls, walking in strange shoes that are possibly not even her size or even broken in, and it hits the prime time news broadcast... there's something amiss in what we consider 'news' IMHO.

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James Bluck

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But they missed the classic one in which the girl went down three times in one outing on the runway.

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As I have said before -  the only time a llama is interesting on the runway, is after she falls.

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YZF Jeff

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photos that should have never been published. much less published on CBS news, the place a lot of....typical americans......get their news from. shame on whoever decided this was worthy of publishing.

Feb 26 13 10:14 pm Link