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Chandler Steele

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Marietta, Georgia, US

Alright Ive got a photoshoot this weekend .. judging by my pics.. what kind should it be .. hair straight ?.. hair curly? ... make up dramatic? what kind of clothes???? help I want ideas from you guys for this one

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angel emily

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

What is your goal?  What is the concept, what kind of look/styling are you going for in this shoot?

If just a test to get some more portfolio shots, hair straight and down might be cool to show some diversity.

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Leonard Gee Photography

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Sacramento, California, US

body shot, swimsuit/shorts & halter top, showing undistorted body proportions

commercial, lifestyle/living, family/friend, double

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Jerry Nemeth

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Dearborn, Michigan, US

Here is an example of a beautiful Ginger.

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Jeff Cole MFA ASMP

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

Why not work with photographers that have their own ideas, and are aware of what accomplished professional photographers, agencies, and clients are looking for in a commercially viable portfolio?

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PR Zone

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London, England, United Kingdom

Given your colouring - I'm surprised you haven't gone with the most obvious/complimentary... green dress, possibly velvet, with losely curled locks

Have fun, whatever you choose :-)

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New York, New York, US

From what I see in your port.. anything works on you..

but then again, I love a natural Ginger!

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