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i applied and got a response from them:

Love your look, and we are definitely interested in representing you. So here is the run down on how we work over here at Wild.

We are a virtual agency so we do everything online and over the phone.

We work through LA Casting and Casting Frontiers, so your profile is what's going to present you as a talent for potential auditions and bookings to our clients.

What I will do is send you our registration form, we are a non exclusive agency so it is not a contract. That means you can be with us as long or little as you like there is no cancelation fees or upfront fees. We work strictly off of commission for jobs that we book you for.

Is this a legit agency or a scam?

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I have been with Wild and they are legitimate.  They did submit me to castings and I did get auditions.  They never asked me for 1 dime. They work off of commission.

Most casting is done on-line through sites like LA Casting, Actors Access, Casting Frontier.  This of course means that casting calls are done on line and submissions are done on-line.  Then you get auditions that are done in person and you take it from there.

I changed agents a while ago and wish I didn't. I got more auditions with Wild than I do my current agent.  I changed agents just because I thought I might get more auditions, but the opposite was true.

It won't cost you anything to represented by them.  You are always free to change representation if you want down the line.

FYI, it will be advisable to take a commercial acting class to increase your versatility. This is incase you haven't done so already.

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