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I personally don't look at the names when it comes to booking a model (unless it's a famous one :p) however if you're into booking nudes or erotic work it might get people to look at your page more? Lol.

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Faces2Die4 Photography

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Helen Bedd

Anita Goodwin

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it seems people liked me better when i was StickyKitten.

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Faces2Die4 Photography wrote:
Helen Bedd

Anita Goodwin

Pussy Galore

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Vampman Studios

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Kraven Booty

Seriously, though, a porn star once said that porn stars with eloquent names, like Jennifer Dark or Jessica Drake, will get a lot more work than those with more crass names, like Crave or Iowna Butts.

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Jerry Nemeth

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Remember the James Bond movie, Goldfinger.  The girl's name was Pussy Galore.   smile

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Hair Stylist


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My nick name is Fluffypies.

Wut now.

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Sandra Vixen

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I've been told that it does, and one of the problems with that is that names mean different things to different people and where you are from.

Like where I am from, "vixen" means a smart and cleaver woman. That is why I picked that. But in other parts of the world (like far south Asia), it means a family-breaker (a woman who has relations with a married man).

Or more recently I found out, it's a common stripper's name in the west. hmm

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BEHOLDER ArtPhotography

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i have noticed a desire by newbies to give themselves a Stripper or Exotic Dancer-like name.

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Dobias Fine Art Photo

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I was going to go by the name "BELGIUM."  But, then I'd only be able to work on this planet.

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Bravo Magic Images

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I use to have my first name added to my photography name but that didnt go well so i added my last name first it use to be Dick Magic Image chaanged it to Bravo Magic Images.

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Select Models

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Create a profile name after a popular movie twist... sure to be a BIG hit!... borat

Womb Raider
Schindler's Fist
Shaving Ryan's Privates
Glad He Ate Her
Riding Miss Daisy
Dyke Hard
Star Whores
Sorest Rump
Add Momma To The Train
Pulp Friction
Swollow Hal
Breast Side Story
Blown in 60 Seconds
Buffy The Vampire Layer
Buttman and Throbbin'
Sperms of Endearment
School of Cock
Free My Willy

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If you're a porn-star maybe.

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Tansy Blue

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Bunnierabbits wrote:
things like xxsexychickxxx are obviously pointless ..

there's a couple of well known Glamour models with
fairly provocative sounding names .. apparently real' in the uk .

although there workload  probably has more to do with there looks than
there names big_smile

and Vikki blows

Apparently Lacey Banghard is her birth name.

(Yeah, I found it hard to believe too!)

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F-1 Photo

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Missy Mattressbach

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I think the OP needs to define what "slutty" is, to him.

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