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If nobody responds, that's okay. Apparently I'm boring lately! This is a ramble, anyhow. Carry on. Nothing to see here. tongue

Sooooo, my beautificus darling eyeglasses have been broken for nigh on eight months now, and I gave some computer lessons and finally have the money(apparently to old people, I am a technological genius because I know how to use Dropbox and sync an email to a tablet, ha!! I have tried, many times, to explain that pretty much anyone under 30 with a braincell to spare has mastered this, and I am not, in fact, all that more technologically efficient than the next computer loving twentysomething, but it falls on deaf ears). Good thing, too, because as lovely as these clear Ralph Lauren frames are, I look like a bad female Harry Potter abomination with the right side of the frame superglued together in two places. Not to mention the shoddy scratch resistant coating has scratched pretty epically all over my left lens.

I'm glad to get new ones, but-- it's incredibly hard to find narrow-lens-width clear frames-- they're all hideously boxy and square in a really, really NON hipstercool way. And I hate dark colored frames. And I have a bad track record with metal/titanium ones, they're the only kind I wore as a kid and-- I kill them and I kill them DEAD. Smooshed. It's never been pretty. These lasted almost three years and were quite successfully rehabbed after I did them in, so I'm really liking the durability of plastic right now.

I found some really dorky-cute round Dolabany frames that are a transparent peach, and I love them. But they're basically the antichrist for all my eyeglass rules-- I have a thing about my glasses touching my cheeks. But they're so. Freaking. Cute. I'm torn. I might end up caving in and just reorder the Ralph Lauren frames I already got, if I can find them anywhere-- they're discontinued sad


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Don't know if you've heard of these guys or not. … &navused=1

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Pictures? Of the old & new.

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