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Hello all!
I've been modeling off and on for about two years and I have loved it. I would really love to get your opinion about my portfolio, if you've got a minute. smile Any suggestions and/or comments are totally welcome, good or bad. If I'm not aware of something I'm doing wrong, I can't change it. So hit me! smile
Also, I don't feel super comfortable with my posing - does anybody have any good references or videos I could watch that might help me with that?? I could use anything you can throw at me!
I'm sure there are many others that are or have been in my situation of being all self taught and trying to reach out to others for help and suggestions. Anything you can help me with is much appreciated! Thanks for your time, everyone! smile

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Post this in the critique section (where it's supposed to go) and I will tell you nice things... smile

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