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September Shay

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Elsberry, Missouri, US

I'm curious as to how I'm doing so far. I've only been able to do one actual shoot, which are the pictures at the beach. So, what are some thoughts about my portfolio? Constructive criticism would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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Bob Young Photography

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San Jose, California, US

Gotta start someplace.  Get out there and start shooting with some good photographers so you can show more of what you are capable of.  Get rid of the first two shots in your port... there're not doing you any good. (IMO)  Good luck!

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September Shay

Posts: 5

Elsberry, Missouri, US

Thank you.
I went ahead and deleted the two,
once I do my next photoshoot I'll see if the photographer can work in a headshot or two that I can add to my portfolio.

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Long Beach, California, US

I'd start with doing some simple poses against a white background.   A little closer in with more focus on your face, it looks like the pics you have were just taken with a basic point and shoot camera and not a SLR.  Find someone to do some TFP work with you.

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M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

It's really hard to critique images themselves when you've just joined and just looking to meet the minimum requirements for membership at this point.

Until you accumulate some shoots you might want to just have some simple "Polaroid" type images that really show you rather than a setting - headshot, full length against a white wall...something simple.

I will say you have a very unique, intense look and I could see several genres that you'd look great. I look forward to seeing your portfolio develop.

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New York, New York, US

simple Polaroid shots- don't try to be fancy!

jean shorts and tight top -front back and profiles. several close ups- smiling teeth smiling no teeth, natural relaxed face. then do some cute close ups- think of puppies, think of a funny joke and not laugh, think of a sexy lingerie surprise for your BF, etc
No make up- do you think that raccoons eyes look good? eeeshhh

that will serve you better than your god awful attempts so far smile

plus I wouldnt have deleted pics based on one photographers opinion as you seem to have done.

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Bradford, England, United Kingdom

As a starter profile, I don't think you've done a bad job.
However, you do need to find yourself a proper photographer, with an SLR camera, as the photos you have do just look like they were taken with any standard camera/camera phone. Try get some portrait photos, showing your face more clearly.
From what I can see, you have a great look, you just need to get that across in your photos.
An OK start, but get yourself somebody with a SLR and some knowledge in editing, and you could have some really nice photos.

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