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Color Me Cassie

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Arden Hills, Minnesota, US

So I just went redhead and I want to know what you guys think! Does it increase or decrease my marketability?  Next time should I go lighter, darker, or back to blonde? … 0089862354

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Washington, District of Columbia, US

Why don't you do some photoshoots and post them
Then ask

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Mark Salo

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Olney, Maryland, US

Redheads rock!

BTW you forgot to rotate that image.

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Bakersfield, California, US

It is too subtle,IMO.

I think you could pull off something really intense/bold and rich.

Something like this- … lour-ideas

I absolutely love being a redhead(I dye my hair black or deep reds every few months)because it does help me stand out and looks great in pics.

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Anna Adrielle

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Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

I think it's definitely an improvement, really brings out your skin and your eyes (could also be the quality of the pic, lol, not sure). but it looks great in the picture smile

I agree with kozmina about going further with it though! more intense would be awesome!

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Blondes have more fun;Redheads just have MORE

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With your beautiful blue eyes I am going to say blond

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