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Christopher Barrile

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Buffalo, New York, US

Just did my first professional shoot about a week ago. Just got the images uploaded. All current images in my portfolio are from this shoot. I would love some feedback guys! Please and thank you!

Mar 07 13 03:39 am Link


Wendy Hurst Portrait

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Riverton, Utah, US

It's a start. smile

These two images caught my eye...but not because they were awesome. The expression on your face and the pose (especially with your arms wrapped around you) make you appear insecure and uninteresting.

^I'd also suggest removing this image, it kind of looks like you're smelling your armpit and I could be wrong but I don't think that's what you were going for.

This one tells a better story, though the props are doing most of the work:

In your next shoot, try for an environment you can interact with (i.e., a barstool, a tree trunk, leaning against a wall, etc.) and engage with the camera a little more. One you get more practiced at showing the confidence you likely have (I mean, you probably wouldn't be a model if you didn't like being in front of the camera), then try another shoot in a studio where the focus is strictly on you.

Good luck!

Mar 22 13 01:25 pm Link