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Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Does anyone know were i can get good insurance for working freelance doing make-up and hair styling, tanning, ear piercing, waxing< lash and brow tinting and fake eye lashes...

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Amie Flanagan MUA

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Whitehaven, England, United Kingdom

BECTU dose insurance, and its not badly priced

Mar 11 13 09:20 am Link

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Heather J M

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London, England, United Kingdom

Amie Flanagan MUA wrote:
BECTU dose insurance, and its not badly priced

They won't cover things like waxing and ear piercing though. You need to find professional beautician insurance - didn't your training college give you any advice on that one?

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Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

My Insurance is with Just Hair & Beauty. I went with them as they offer a good price on insuring your kit as well.
Considering Bectu though as I have recently joined and they offer a good package as well xx

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Jodie Acty

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Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

Try iMakeupMatters

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