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DMA Photos

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Choosing a model is not always as easy as it seems. You need to be easy to work with, Have an "I'm willing to try anything" attitude... And enjoy being in front of a camera!
I LOVE shooting outside best.
Nature has millions of hidden Secrets and beautiful places.
Outside I can capture so many different emotions and feelings...
There are no limits to the moods, feeling, or backdrop that nature can create.
As a model, to have a phenomenal shoot, you must become your surroundings.
Costumes, makeup, paints, extravagant things, props, different lighting, all play a part in really good photography.... But it's the model and the relationship between them and the camera/the photographer that makes a shoot dynamic and fantastic!

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Meghan Congdon

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Why WOULD you shoot me? tongue

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Mary Zdo

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I wonder.

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Why? big_smile

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smile I am wondering

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Sibby S

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me please smile

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Good question. Why would you?

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Daria Constance

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me? smile

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Elesha Eden

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And your reason is ...

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DMA Photos

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I would shoot you because you know how to find the light. You know your angels. You are Aware of your body. You move gracefully with ease, You don't keep giving me the same two poses... And you can morph into whatever it is I'm asking you to be. Do You have what it takes? Tell me,  Why would I shoot you?

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