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Jeffrey M Fletcher

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So now, as someone who requests models forego make-up for my shoots, I should be expected to put up with a useless and untrained MUA as an improvement on putting up with a useless and untrained security guard.

Or I could just shoot with honest models who aren't obsessed with trying to insert extra people into the shoot and blathering dishonestly about how essential or unobjectionable the extras are.

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Art of the nude

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Rick OBanion Photo wrote:
So much has been said I do not want to open the debate on escorts. However a new model contacted me last week about a shoot and she eventually called me. She said she needed to bring an escort since it was a promise she had made to her overly worried I was about to say no thanks...she said that her escort was an MUA and stylist. I checked the MUA's profile, it all looked quite good.
So I offer this idea to those ladies wanting/needing escorts. Make friends with an MUA or stylist. Make very good friends with one...or two.
Not many photographers would say no to this arrangement.

If a MUA / stylist is present appropriate for the shoot, and the model is paying them, great.  Assuming the one in question has the necessary level of skill.

But, if the model's going to cancel if the MUA can't come, that's not good, and if the reason for wanting a MUA is that they're scared of me, rather than because they think it will improve the images, it's not worth fooling with.

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