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Kelly Ann Carter

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Hollywood, Florida, US

I added 2 new photos to my portfolio. Take a look

Mar 15 13 01:02 pm Link



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Knoxville, Tennessee, US

Get rid of them.  They do not add anything.

Mar 15 13 10:36 pm Link



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Cincinnati, Ohio, US

The first one has poor resolution and looks pixelated (at least on the PC I'm viewing it on now).

And as a martial artist and someone who's photographed tons of cheerleading, I can't tell which the second pic is supposed to be. If it's martial arts, there are quite a few things to correct. Neither pic is very flattering.

Mar 17 13 08:04 am Link



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Tampa, Florida, US

Delete the top row. Sorry but you asked.

Mar 17 13 08:28 am Link