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This is probably TL:DR, but bear with me.
Short version, I used to be a travelling model, and retired and lost my portfolio. I'd be interested in having another go, travelling to your locations in exchange for travel, crashspace, and food. No money trading hands.

This summer is probably the only time I will have to actually do this due to my being back in school and plan on making that my major life focus come Fall.

I used to model years ago. Some of you might remember me. Most of you might not. I use a different name, and my hair is a different length. I no longer have my portfolio, beyond what I can find on Google from years ago, and the pictures I currently also have up. I'm still hunting old pictures down, and I do apologize.
That being said, if you can forgive me, I've lost a few pounds since then, and replaced it with some lean muscle mass. My hair is a different length, and both of my nostrils are pierced instead of just one, I have a badass septum ring I keep tucked inside my nose most of the time (unless you wanted to, you'd never see it). I shave my legs and underarms irregularly, more frequently during the summer. Otherwise, I largely look the same.

I promised myself when I retired, I would never again model for photos for money. I never liked asking for money to model, preferring to barter as much as possible. I also did a number of bus trips, but none ever went as planned, largely due to having to worry about trying to make ends meet in order to finance the travel. This is what largely lead to my retirement.
At this time, money isn't a factor. I don't want it. I don't care about it. I don't need it. I'm fairly stable these days, and would prefer being paid with an experience.
What I want, would be places to stay, food to eat, and my travel tickets pre-purchased for me. I'd just arrive at the bus/train station (or airport if you're generous), travel to where you are, model for you, stay a few days, lather rinse repeat. Sofas are more than acceptable as a place to sleep, and I'll probably adore your animal companions. I would happily accept multiple people in one area split up the costs for this and work with all of them.
I don't care about portfolio building. I'm not in this for the money, I don't need to do it for a profession. I'm in this entirely for the sake of participating in the creation of pieces of art. I'm looking to do nothing else. Help me help you.

If this is something you're interested in, kick me in the shins and let me know. We'll see what we can make happen!

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