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Jenny Jannetty

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Roanoke, Virginia, US

I am interested in all sorts of latex!  Will look at any style or color!  Thank you!  smile

My measurements,
Hips - 36
Waist - 28
Bust - 32B

Mar 17 13 05:39 pm Link


Alabaster Crowley

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Tucson, Arizona, US

I have some latex shorts and gloves here:

I have photos of the shorts on if you'd like to see them, since they do look a little weird laying flat. Let me know if you're interested smile

Mar 17 13 10:56 pm Link



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Chişinău, Chişinău, Moldova

I listed some items on FB … 071&type=3

My measurements are 34" in hips and 24" in waist, but there are some items that are wrong size, and may fit you - skirts and shorts.

Mar 18 13 02:34 am Link


Red Sky Photography

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Germantown, Maryland, US

I have this lovely marbled Polymorph set I'd like to sell

Mermaid skirt $212 Canadian
Countess top $362 Canadian

I'd sell for $300 including shipping.

Mar 23 13 02:03 pm Link


Miss Sucker Punch

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Newark, New Jersey, US

I think this Jupiter Moon 3 bra would fit you well. … 3f27afbd27

Aug 03 13 09:33 am Link


Nikki Sebastian

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Commack, New York, US

I have a small dress for sale here that would fit you

Aug 03 13 09:16 pm Link