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JC Pics

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Alexandria, Virginia, US

Hey guys Ive been in Brazil for the past three years would love to get a meet n greet going for the virginia, dc maryland area before I go back to Brazil.  Anyone interested in setting one up in the next couple of months

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Rachel Talbert

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Richmond, Virginia, US

I'd be interested in possibly going!

Mar 20 13 03:01 pm Link

Hair Stylist

Jason Becker

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Mount Holly, North Carolina, US

i would be interested if its near NC area.  i am new to the east coast and i tired hosting a Meet and Greet here in Nov but it seems people out here just are not into them unless there being paid to go ...

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Baltimore, Maryland, US

I would love to model for it if you do have one set up.

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Mr Rod P

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Vienna, Virginia, US

I would like to attend one within the next month or so.

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SH PhotographyAndDesign

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Richmond, Virginia, US

I'd be interested in attending

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MCP Photography

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Frederick, Maryland, US

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guide forum


Robb Mann

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Baltimore, Maryland, US

MCP Photography wrote:
Always a great one to attend

The Fells Point M

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Sounds like a good idea, let me know if I can help...

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Forever Photography 757

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, US

You guys will have to forgive my ignorance, I'm somewhatnnew to all of this. It sounds like something I'd like to be part of, can someone kind of school me as to what this is and how it works? Thank you in advance!

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Alvina Torres

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, US

Would like to know more as well.

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Hampton, Virginia, US

I would be interested as a model.

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