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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

As of right now I am planning a roadtrip to Vegas and back.  I’ll be making some stops along the way.

I am mostly looking for paid work, but not just cash  if you wanna put a tank in my car, that’d be appreciated.
I do NOT accept food/housing, as I do not eat food I have not made myself (That might seem crazy to you, but I’m travelling with a cooler in my trunk), and I have lodging all ready set up.

I do not do nude/erotic/fetish work of any sort, I'm allergic to latex.

I have a FEMALE travelling companion, of around my age, and she is interested in potentially becoming a make up artist, but hasn’t started a port. or anything yet. 

For date/location schedule you can check out my profile, as I have tentative location dates put up.

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Jennifer J Walsh

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Hi Leeta - welcome to Vegas, it is a dream for models as there are a ton of talented photographers here.   If you and your photographers are looking for locations, we rent out some AWESOME spaces.   Check them out here. … _to_shoot/

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