Seneca Thompson

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Anaheim, California, US

I've been trying to expand my portfolio and added a couple of new nudes. What are your opinions on them? Thanks:)

Mar 22 13 04:23 am Link


Brett Hunt

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Washington Court House, Ohio, US

I like the second one better. looks more natural

Mar 22 13 04:29 am Link


Good Egg Productions

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Orlando, Florida, US

Brett Hunt wrote:
I like the second one better. looks more natural

I second that.

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Love them both - favour the first because it works comprehensively. In the second you look stunning but the setting is a bit like an Ikea commercial - your pose and look and the set don't sync for me - in another setting this would be an outsanding shot.

Mar 22 13 04:47 am Link


Rik Williams

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Number one is not very flattering to you at all. Your shape is deceptively pronounced in many ways and your skin stripped of texture, but most impressively your body has been flattened out despite every attempt to do the opposite through the use of dramatic lighting. Bad shot, way bad.

The second image is by far the better of the two. Your feminine qualities are displayed to a far greater effect.

Without a doubt I see it as one of your best overall.

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Guss W

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Clearwater, Florida, US

Both are worthy additions to your collection.

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Pawtucket, Rhode Island, US

Guss W wrote:
Both are worthy additions to your collection.

I likey both photographs and poses...

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VA Photographer

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Richmond, Virginia, US

Both are good, 2nd one is awesome

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Lemgo, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

great shots both of them, actually i like the first one more, but the burn out parts i don't like. maybe they just got lost during convertion to b&w.

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Sun City, California, US

I like them both - but have minor quibbles with both.  (but this is nitpicking)

The first has a few issues already mentioned -

The 2nd has your toes curled so tight - as to create a feeling of tension - that is directly in opposition to the quiet relaxed nature of the image.

I'd have no problem seeing them both included.

Mar 23 13 11:25 am Link


David Kirk

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

second one is lovely.  first is okay.

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Vojens, Syddanmark, Denmark

On both shots good work on your part. The first pic is overprocessed. The second is spot on.

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Durham, North Carolina, US

i like the 2nd

Mar 23 13 11:31 am Link


Trond M Skaret

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Oslo, Oslo, Norway

David Kirk wrote:
second one is lovely.  first is okay.


You can keep both in your portfolio if you want.

Mar 23 13 11:54 am Link


Jorge Kreimer

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Los Angeles, California, US

I personally don't like either. You are just an object within the frame in both. I think you can do more interesting work than this as the subject of the photos, instead of an object in the photos, but if you are happy with them, by all means, keep them.

Mar 24 13 06:01 am Link