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Miaa Rigby

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

I need to make space for some new post-op photos.

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The Gross Bite

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Lansing, Michigan, US

Well, I'd think about letting these three 'depart'.

Just my opinion.

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Actually, if I'm really brutal, I would only keep the following, and get rid of the rest. (I'll explain why below)

Now let me explain...
As a model you have to present the best you can be. That is not always easy as the photographer can screw up what you are doing.
It is a dance you play together, and some just dance better.
The once I selected, portrait you, or your abilities best.
The other photo's do that less.

When revamping your port beware of the following:
* Don't show to much of the same (you'll get typecasted)
* Show as much diversity as you can... from soft romantic to gothic rock, from stylish fashion to fetisch nude  and everything inbetween
* Make sure there are enough photo's any client (photographer, business... whoever) can lay his or her vision on top of. So make sure you have plenty of photo's showing the shape of your body, with not to outspoken clothing.

Good luck

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Rowen Bellamy

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

How many shots do you need of the same pose? Look at what is repetitive and pick your strongest. For example, you have several with your left arm up and your right on your chest. It looks like the same image over and over though the wardrobe is different in some. You don't want to look like you have a limited cycle of poses, pick one shot that represents you best.

Mar 28 13 11:01 am Link