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Valent L

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I'd like to ask for a review of my website at

I'm specializing in portrait photography now, and I've moved out all my 'fun/event' type photos.

I'd like feedback on all aspects, including but not limited to your impressions as a professional or layman's POV, the selection of photos in slideshows, the layout/menu structure, whether I have too little/much info, how I come across to you etc.


Mar 24 13 09:47 am Link



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Fort Jones, California, US

I really like the design & layout.  My only nit-pick would be: your fine print is too small.  I'm working on a 27inch monitor and cannot read it without changing the magnification.  Potential clients who noticed the fine print, but could not read it, may be turned away by not knowing what is says. 

Overall: Great Job!

Mar 25 13 07:29 pm Link