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just give her the private investigators photos if she is still with that same guy.

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what's the old saying... charge your friends one rate, and charge your enemies double?  I think that ex's would fall into the later catagory. Whomever is willing to pay that rate so be it.

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If the two of them can produce something in photos that's worth me shooting, sure. Or if they wanted to pay for photos I couldn't otherwise find useful, sure. I shot my ex and I together after we broke up, I'd have no problem shooting him and his girlfriend

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Any of them except for one. Most of my exes were very good looking women and I had photographed them when we were together. I am in contact with some of them (including, reluctantly, the one I would not shoot) and we are on friendly terms (friendly, not close friends).

The one I would not shoot is nuts. Every time we talk she talks about getting back together. Um, no. She wants to visit me out here on the left coast. Um, no. She wanted my address to send a birthday present to and I simply put her off to avoid giving her my location. While of average intelligence, luckily she doesn't know about /whois or anything like that.

EDIT: For those of you with ex WIVES, why not? Didn't that new husband relieve you from paying alimony?

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Little Ginger Lamb

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I'm on good terms with most of my exes, and I'm in a serious relationship, so I wouldn't mind. A couple of them started dating men after me, anyway, so...

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A Preppy Photography

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It really depends on the scenario, and would have to consider each Ex on a case-by-case basis. For me Rules Of Thumb are :

Solo - "Yes." I've done shoots with some in my younger years, so anything today would be a vast improvement (DSLR > PnS).

Ex +1 - "Maybe." One, I became acquaintances with after a very messy break-up, so seeing her with someone else wouldn't bother me. Another, not so much because there would be too much bad blood between us.

Ex +Brood - "Hellz NAH!" I don't have a family of my own, so why would I want to see her with one.

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Harold Rose

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Chuck Purnell wrote:
NO this did NOT happen to me but I was just curious if you were approached by your EX to photograph him/her with the new person in their life, would you do it?

Yes,   well it depends on which one,   but yes.   And I have several,  take your pick.

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AVD AlphaDuctions

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I'm wondering if I did a cross-match on people who answered here and people who answered or posted in one of the many threads about shooting a friend  or relative's wedding, what the results would be?

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Even after 20 years the answer would be Book not in a million years. Even for her kids or family.

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Pinup Fantasies

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I would and I have.

Situation 1 - My 1st ex asked if I would take some pictures at her wedding to our former next door neighbor. I did, and I joked to her sister that I was taking them to a one hour lab so they would be back before the divorce. Only missed my prediction by a month.

Situation 2 - Photographed my second ex at Christmas, so she could give a print to her new BF. It was like photographing a stranger in a way. There is something intangible that makes my photographs of a woman I'm in love with much better. It's noticeably absent once I'm out of love. Probably not the best way to describe it, but if you've been there, you probably know what I mean.

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Zack Zoll

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AVD AlphaDuctions wrote:
I'm wondering if I did a cross-match on people who answered here and people who answered or posted in one of the many threads about shooting a friend  or relative's wedding, what the results would be?

I can only speak for myself, but I can tell you that I ONLY photograph weddings for friends and relatives ... I do a couple a year.  I charge them, but it's a pittance at best.

I'd never photograph a wedding for an ex.  If we were married, or dated long enough that I'm still referring to her as an ex a year or more after we split, then I don't even think I should be at the wedding - let alone taking pictures.

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MZ PhotoFilm

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yes, i have for profile increases, and if she pays me, i cannot argue with that

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